Sanguine Skills el arte de Rebeka Eskela en Medellín.

Actualizado: 11 de jul de 2020

"Sanguine;  to be optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation

skill; the ability to do something well"

"Nature has always played an important part in my art since the very beginning. Using art as a voice, a shout for both monstrosities and beauties of this world. I enjoy sarcasm and dark humour to depict somewhat tragic realities"

My colors are bold and bright radiating acidity and plasticity, animals are realistic and humans are grey and geometric filled with modern toxicity.

Medellin, 7 de agosto 2019

Iglesia María Auxiliadora

Medellin, 16 de agosto 2019

Tienda La Internet

Medellin, 22 de agosto 2019

Barrio El Salvador

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